Vanakam, ( Greetings )  I am Sathiavaani


I am an International Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Life Coach and Author.


I work as the vessel of  Mother Goddess Durga who has been with me for as long as I can remember. I work with no tools and pure channelling of guidance you require. I convey to you the visions and  messages I receive from the divine source. I call Durga Amma my Mummy.


I do use Divination cards, Crystals if requested and Psychometry for face to face consultation , Remote View and Astral Projection for healing. I connect with your voice and energy vibrations during readings and remotely view what surrounds you and what’s coming up for you


We all experience challenges in our lives such as relationship breakups, loss of employment, family issues, mental~physical illness to name a few that may impede us from living a fulfilling balanced life. During these situations at times it is difficult to seek advice or guidance from family or friends as it may be too personal or they are not able to be objective.


Having worked in the corporate industry for close to 20+ years and having had a myriad of life experiences, near death and debilitating illness's that has been life altering , I am able to empathise and provide you with guidance you require for your ongoing life journey with understanding, loving compassion and honesty.


OM Shanti


Past tenure as reader Vanni for Psychic Today TV- UK Sky Channel 886. Was also affiliated with Psychics Connect , Life Reader, The Circle and Absolute Soul Secrets and California Psychics . Past writing contributions for Lightworker Advocate Magazine, TV- Radio Broadcast for Enlightened Conversations with Michelle Lightworker. Currently contributing to Elephant Journal.