Healing Session

The method of healing I do, I call it Psychic Surgery as Mother Goddess Durga works through me. It involves placing pure love divine truth via Mother Durga in you and shifting energies and remove any energy blockages within and around you to bring your energy and chakra’s into balance and give you clarity. I am able to do this face to face as well as remotely.


I connect via the heart chakra with you and Mother Goddess’s energy and light to you to place you in a protective bubble. Everything is a creation from pure LOVE as LOVE speaks truth.


Once this occurs your spirit guides - guardian angels, ascended masters may step in to assist and also introduce themselves if you were not aware of your guide’s presence previously. You will hear my voice as I explain to you what is being done for you. Important facet here is all the pure truth and answers you require to assist you in moving forward in your life and create a balanced joyful life is already inside you. Allowing your DIVINITY to live and breathe the way it is meant to. 


If you have suffered any traumas or past life issues that has been embedded within your energy or psyche, the healing will help release it.