2022 Testimonials


Working with Sathia has been a blessing! During our sessions together, Sathia has helped me to grow and work on myself in various aspects of my life. She guided me, steering me on the right path, thus assisting in, and providing me with the insight, wisdom, and opportunities to attain my overall goals. She gets to the root of each cause, not only guiding those clients to whom she is speaking with directly, but also intuitively guides those people around them, to ensure the most fruitful and positive outcomes and their longevity. As Sathia’s work is ongoing, she continues to check in, providing ongoing guidance when needed. You have such an amazing gift Sathia, thank you! xx

V.E 22/6/2022

Sathiavanni is just amazing!!! I have continued to work with sathiavanni on my path to a better me and I am always surprised when the work comes together and my goals have been attained one by one. I couldn’t be happier with the way things are working and falling into place for my life and a better me. Thankyou Sathia!

 Mel Greentree 4/6/2022

Sathiavanni is just amazing!!! I had personal issues that were deep seated at an individual level which was being projected into my relationships. Sathiavanni worked on both my partner and myself remotely that has made both of us more aware of what we each project onto each other and our relationship. Both of us have changed immensely and I am great full for the help and the advice to speak with her, I cannot recommend her enough! Thankyou Sathia for your help I would not be where I am without it.

 Mel Greentree 28/04/2022

Working with Sathia was truly a blessing! She was able to intuitively guide me and help my healing process during our time together, in a way that created amazing shifts for me personally and in my life. Sathia has a beautiful, nurturing calm & steady presence during sessions and is also able to still 'hold the mirror' up for you to see where you can continue to grow and step into the best version of yourself. Her intuition is spot on and I am so grateful for her support and willingness to ensure you get the most out of your journey with her. Thank you Sathia!

Chantal Chidiac 12/01/2022