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Please stay home and follow the health rules/guidelines and protect yourself and your family. Temporary timeout at home and also subsequent lockdown's across the world and here in Australia for a couple of weeks or however ever long the Governments deem is only for our protection and it doesn't cost anything. Better this way than to risk your life or lives of others from allowing the Virus to latch on. If you have symptoms then go to the hospital or doctors to get tested and follow the strict guidelines. Be kind and compassionate and respectful as these uncertain times people do react in unhealthy and immature ways however don't take it to heart.This Virus does not discriminate, it does not look at race, colour, creed, age, status, or wealth...it is affecting the HUMAN RACE. This is affecting not just one country or one state, this is a A HUMANITY crisis. The more we focus on what we can and must do, the easier it will be for our DOCTORS, NURSES, MEDICAL Professionals and SANITARY workers all over the world- lets show our respect and appreciation for what they do.

Use this time to be with your loved ones and get to those tasks at home you have been putting off for so long and give your bodies rest by meditating, eat healthy, read books, create games with your children and most importantly practice positive thinking and affirmations/prayer to centre and align heart and mind. Be strong in your faith and trust in the Universe.Take each day as it comes and be in the present- here and now and deal with what occurs tomorrow- tomorrow.

I am amping up my weekly Global healing work that I do when I do my meditation work daily. I am sending my love and prayers to all those whom are unwell by the Virus also.


Lastly....MOTHER EARTH has put us on  TIMEOUT  so that she may heal and replenish herself as we humans have taken her for granted for far too long with all that she provides us. Allow all the land and sea creatures thrive again with clean air and clean oceans and replenish themselves and bring back some balance to the ecosystem.

Blessed 1st day of September '19- SPRING. New Beginnings, New Growth


Trust the process and trust and believe in yourself. Everyone's challenges vary however the outcome is the same in that it is about overcoming and becoming the best pure version of you and honoring your pure true DIVINITY.



First article published via Elephant Journal for 2019 Feb 14th.


"Ultimately, it’s the pure, divine love that every human being craves, and seeks to have and feel—it’s the ultimate ointment for any suffering"


Love has no boundaries, for it’s sublime and ethereal
Love gives and takes and looks not with eyes but with heart
Love sometimes gets burnt but love also rises from the ashes
Love is abundant if we open our eyes and see into our hearts
Love tells you to love thyself and once you do all is balanced
Love is important, for it feeds the body, mind, spirit, and soul
Love deserves respect, compassion, kindness, and trust!







First article I have published via Elephant Journal in Sept 2018.


The following is a prayer and affirmation I use daily and I give to my clients as a tool to centre and balance themselves. I perform it in the shower and I call it the Energetic Washing Machine:


“I call upon the Divine Universe to help clear and remove people and situations from my past and present that are no longer for my highest good. Purify and protect all that is good for me. I humbly thank you for showering me with all that is for my highest good—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I thank the Divine Universe for clearing all negative thoughts and emotions within my mind, heart, and psyche. Help me be balanced in moving forward positively in my life and to receive all that has been ordained for me.”












Back in April this year I did an interview with Michelle Lightworker on the fundamentals of spirituality and day to day life and various principles we can utilise to better enhance our lives. Michelle and I had worked together on Psychic TV UK - Sky Channel 886 and was wonderful to interact again via this platform and share our experiences and knowledge with the masses. You will find my interview listed under Ann S Keightley in the season 2 episodes. Enjoy :)



Painting of Durga Amma that I did nearly 20 years ago. For you to receive her protection and blessings on this Tuesday that is her day. Below is a poem by my favourite poet Kahlil Gibran which is a belief and motto I live by everyday and I am sure so many live by. Have a wonderful week everyone.

"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors..but today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only LOVE- Khalil Gibran"