How may I serve you?

Psychic Reading

Connect with you to provide information to assist with all areas of your life.

Medium Reading

Connect with your loved one who has passed and be their messenger to you.

Energy Healing

Connect with your energetic body to conduct remote psychic surgery to release ailments, pain and trauma manifested in your physical body.

Holistic Life Coaching

Connect with you to provide weekly holistic sessions as your personal life coach, energy healer and psychic guide for a total mind, body, spirit transformation and to achieve your chosen goals and destiny.

All sessions are done by phone at present

Prices are in Australian Dollars so if you are based outside of Australia, please check your currency conversion

Payments are to be made via PayPal prior to your session and email confirmation of payment to

The booking confirmation will be emailed to you.

Please provide 48hrs notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your booking.

NB: If you have paid for your session and need to cancel, please allow 5 - 7 Business days for the refund to reach your account. I do not have control of your banks processing periods.

AUM Shanti

Once off Rates for Psychic Reading, Medium Reading, Energy Healing:

15 Min


30 Min


60 Min


90 Min


*Additional session minutes are available should you wish to continue your selected service. This is charged at $10 / per 15min

Other Payment Option