How may I serve you?


Psychic Reading

Connect with you to provide information to assist with specific or all areas of your life.

Medium Reading

Connect with your loved one who has passed and be their messenger to you.

Energy Healing

Connect with your energetic body to conduct remote psychic surgery to release ailments, pain and trauma manifested in your physical body.

•Upon request, I can use Tarot - Oracle Divinations scrolls and Crystals. 

ALL sessions via phone or ZOOM.  

  • All rates shown are at AUD 7.70 per minute - Standard
  • New Clients receive a 35% Off for the first session only. Standard rates apply after that. 
  • Valid Visa/Mastercard Credit/Debit Card Required. 
  • Payment is due before your service commencement.

AUM Shanti


for Psychic Reading, Medium Reading and Energy Healing: FIRST-TIME NEW CLIENT OFFER

15 Min



30 Min



60 Min



90 Min





Standard pricing for Psychic Reading, Medium Reading And Energy Healing:

15 Min



30 Min



60 Min



90 Min



Additional session minutes are available should you wish to continue your selected service.

Additional Session Minutes