Past Client Testimonials


Working with Sathiavanni has been life changing. Her attitude and professionalism in understanding the various challenges I was going through, and then providing the sounding and guidance helped me in all areas of my life. I am fortunate to have crossed paths and cant thank enough for the help provided.

                                                                             Niten Devalia 5/1/2021

I highly recommend everyone have a session or sessions with this amazing woman, Sathia. Have an open mind and be willing to change your life. Sathia is an incredible, beautiful being who is there for you every step of the way. My whole life has been transformed. I lost myself and with Sathias guidance have finally found myself again. I went from feeling completely stuck to feeling free, calm and completely trusting myself. I can't thank her enough. Do yourself the biggest favour and invest in yourself. You won't regret it. x

                                                                                                    Sue Hill 23/12/2020

Everyone should have a session with Sathiavanni and I mean everyone!! I’ve lost track of how many friends I’ve recommended her to now and it’s hard not to mention her amazing work to anyone and everyone I cross paths with.
If deep down you know that life wasn’t meant to be as tough as it feels or you feel there must be some way to overcome certain issues but you don’t know where to begin and it’s just too overwhelming to think of all the steps to reach that end goal let alone actually complete them - then Sathia is for you.
She is that helping hand that guides you to find calm in a storm, to feel more aligned with your body, mind and heart. She will help you get answers for all those things no one else seems to be able to understand or have failed to help.
She will help you identify and release and let go of the root cause for the most specific ailments and roadblocks in life from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, career moves, dealing with troubled children, relationships and marital issues, financial stress, mourning the loss of a loved one, finding yourself again after having children, mid-life or identity crisis, childhood trauma and abuse, unsettled feelings in your home/office/around certain people, skin conditions, infertility and pregnancy support and so so much more.
The most notable and immediate effects after a session with Sathia is being able to finally breathe with ease, move your body more freely and feel lighter and clearer in your head like a weight has truly been lifted.
The long term effects are palpable. Your goals will be achieved. You will have more “pinch me” moments than ever before. Things will feel like they are finally clicking into place and you will find yourself excited for each new day and you will notice a positive butterfly effect that flows on from you to everyone around you.
I could easily go on for days but in short, Sathia doesn’t prescribe she guides. And she guides according to your specific requirements and always always works for you for your best interest and long term happiness. And the best part of all - the whole process just feels like you’re talking to a good friend who just gets you. I HIGHLY recommend you invest in yourself with a session with Sathia.
                                                                                        Roshni Dennis 13/11/2020

Sathia has been a true guide through some personal challenges. I’ve worked with professional coaches so not knowing what to expect when I started speaking to her, I went with an open mind and wow! my mind has been blown. She has helped me pinpoint the areas that I want to change and after just a few sessions, these are things I am doing naturally and unknowingly. What a wonderful investment to myself, she is!!

Stephanie Goveas 6/7/2020

I recently did a healing with this wonderful lady who gave me so much clarity and peace. Sathiavanni is amazing.

Paula Smith 24/6/2020

Sathiavanni has been where you are and with pure and loving energy, will provide you with whatever it is you need at this point of your spiritual journey. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and Sathiavanni has become one of my most significant mentors and a trusted friend, during my own awakening.

Her guidance is honest, it’s what you need to hear at that point in time and it’s delivered in a way that allows you to dust yourself off and move forward stronger than you were before. As a sceptical believer, I’ve no doubt I can be a challenging client at times, but Sathiavanni’s unwavering patience and understanding has helped me to feel safe and supported by her and the universe.

Andrew D  3/6/2020

It was about 5 years ago that I met Sathia. Throughout that time we had been faced with different challenge's. Sathia has an energy like no other Spiritual Healer or Psychic I have ever met. Not only does she give you a sense of peace but a sense of calm to be able to move forward. I would recommend Sathia in all areas of life as she has a wealth of knowledge & is a very talented & special lady. If your wanting a session don't hesitate & give her a call. Blessings Suizy xo

Suizy Lamont 31/5/2020

You have such an amazing gift Sathiavaani. Your talent, dedication and time is without boundaries. It all started with a call to you on line several years ago. I hadn’t spoken to you before. You told me what you were given by your Divine guides and your inner feelings. I gave nothing away but you knew my past, the here and now and you predicted my future and the man I would have by my side. I was feeling very unsure and you said “ I have seen it, trust it will happen. I remember like it was yesterday. I felt your prediction was Almost impossible due to circumstances in my life and the man I loved. You have never changed your predictions but guided me to help me become the strong woman I am today with so much more understanding of myself, people and life. Things still need to be faced as these are our lessons and every day challenges. They make us who we are. You send your healing work around the globe. My family and I are seeing the fruits of your labour given with pure love. Your healing and guidance. Your continued support and time. Today I am seeing your prediction come into fruition. With the man you said I would be with. A more balanced family life. My job has improved bringing in a few surprises. Nothing I can write in words could explain or be enough. Thank you Sathia from my heart ❣️❣️

Valerie Osgood 20/12/2019

Sathiavaani has been by my side for a few years now. Her guidance, healing and commitment to her clients has no boundaries. Life has many obstacles and lessons along the way. I don’t regard this as bad luck or why me? Sathia has taught me to acknowledge things I personally would benefit from changing about myself. To be able to see myself clearer as well as other people. To understand lessons we all learn along our life’s path. If someone is doing something unsettling I don’t take it personally, these are their lessons or I look at me did I do something to cause this? I work at changing my approach. Guidance on what is needed to go forward with family, love interest work and life. These lessons have clearly enhanced my knowledge as well as guiding me on my right path with a clear understanding which during difficult times has helped me more than words can say. I was a by stander watching but not giving my energies to the chaos. Even situations where I should have been pulling my hair out broken was a time to understand and release a quiet time for me always seeing a light at the end of the hurt and sadness. Every day is another day of my life, another day of my spiritual growth and another day to be a better more balanced person. Love and light to the beautiful Sathiavaani with so much gratitude for coming into mine and my families lives ❤️🦋❤️

Valerie Osgood 20/6/2019

Was experiencing some inertia on my life for the past few months. Things did not go the way as planned, or I thought it didn't, resulting in a fair amount of mental anguish. Contacted Vaani and had three sessions over the past 8 months, and the results have been outstanding!! The best part of all the consultations was that how Vaani helped me to re-align with the bigger picture and not be pigeonholed. Needless to say, things are moving ahead, just as she said it would, previously unknown opportunities are presenting themselves, just like she said it would. Importantly I feel emotionally light and healthy. Highly recommend.

Lavan Seralaadan Tharmarajah 22/5/2019

When I tell people about Vaani I call her “my psychic friend”. Because she is so much more than just a psychic. She’s the friend you’ve always wanted. She is there for you always and at the precise time you need her whether it be the good times or bad or moments of confusion. She has predicted my pregnancy, house moves, new car, family health issues, career prospects and provided tools and insight into how every thought manifests into our reality. I have only experienced once with Vaani what some would call a “failed prediction” regarding my career. However this has actually turned out to be the most valuable lesson of all she has taught me as I could clearly pinpoint what I did to block the predicted opportunity from eventuating out of fear of change. So my advice is to contact Vaani with an open heart and open mind and just trust that you are ready and worthy to receive the whatever it is you desire.

Roshni Dennis 12/04/2019

I had the priviledge of working with Sathiavanni over a period of 3 months where my life had basically shattered in all areas – personal, work and family. Her expertise in healing, shifting energies and centering one’s mind, body and soul is second to none.  She is a truly gifted being and has been put on this earth to help those that really need it. With her gentle guidance I’ve managed to return to a sense of balance I have not felt in over 2 years and continue to draw on everything I have learnt from her on a daily basis.

She also worked with my 6 year old daughter during an incredibly difficult home transition and I’m happy to say she is now thriving and excelling at school.

If you’re looking for healing and someone to channel you to the best life you can lead there is no-one better. I highly recommend all of her services and would endorse any work she does with 100% conviction.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family – we owe you our lives.

Tasha Carvey (Universal Pictures, Los Angeles, CA) 14/11/2018

I have received healing and readings from Sathia, so say it was amazing is not enough praise. I would certainly book another session with Sathia when I need another session. Both services exceeded my expectations ....

Amanda Hall  20/01/2018

Ann or as I love to call her Sathiavaani is a dedicated understanding lady. Myself and my family have had the pleasure of her work. When I first spoke to Sathia we had multiple problems in relationships, work and finding peace in our life. Nothing gets sorted overnight at my age it’s something experience teaches you but Sathia gets to the core of the problems one by one and helps you to understand why things have happened including if you feel for example a relationship can’t go forward because you blame the other person. Well yes it takes two to tango and if the person in that dance is tripping or not understanding it doesn’t help if you walk away. It could be that you need to change how you are dancing to get the balance you both need to proceed in that dance. Your growth is important to how the dance ends. I talk to Sathia regularly to listen and learn how to move forward. It is certainly worth the calls. Today I can say my young adult children are more balanced as well as my life. Sathia’s healing is incredible as I always wondered about healing but with her I don’t wonder I know the results. There are things we don’t know in this life and still wanting to know until the day we die but if we put enough effort and understanding into our dance whilst we are here the results could amaze you. Health problems can be healed it takes time and hard work from Sathia even Cancer. Thank you Sathiavaani for your Kindness, pure love and commitment to your clients. Val x

Valerie O  22/01/2018

Whether you're a first timer, a skeptic or have tried many Spiritual Healer Clairvoyants, Sathiavaani will make you feel right at ease from the get go. Before you know it you'll feel like you're talking to an old friend who just understands you completely and without judgement. She has lived many lives so to speak and with her vast and inspirational life experiences she is uniquely equipped with the ability to offer valuable advice and accurate predictions to all walks of life. I highly recommend a reading with Sathiavaani - she's truly the best!!

Roshni D 22/01/2018

Sathia is a very gentle and caring reader who takes the time to listen to your concerns and then give the very best advice on how to proceed slowly with confidence. Healing is performed over the distance and is very much felt for days after the session is conducted remotely.  

Amanda H 28/01/2018


When you read reviews you are evaluating if the subject or individual is authentic and true.

Vanni is authentic and true and with Mummy will assist in guiding you on a journey with understanding and accuracy.

I have been connected with Vanni for a few years now and the journey has been accurate and true and I would call in for my monthly check up.

However there came a major turning point in my world my daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening disease at only 19 cancer stage 4. I have a very scared little girl who is challenging life itself in her own right by not owning this negative force.

This child as with anyone is always our world and when it started falling apart Vanni helped me make sense of it and assist in understanding of both responses to what is happening now and ahead.

Vanni and Mummy assisted me to remain grounded with education on thoughts, response, prayer ,alternatives and directions to evaluate and any questions I have had and still asking.

My relationship with my baby has evolved and strengthened as I have learned to adjust myself in different ways to be the strength that is needed at this time. But my strength comes from them Vanni and Mummy as I am very clear in my trust in and with them.

It's interesting to note that when I call for an appointment they already know.

Alicia is currently kicking ass in an extremely short time as Vanni and Mummy have been working behind the scenes on Alicia in many forms and it is happening,it is clearing

Although the world is only learning about boosting the immunity system and not to kill it with chemicals -there is really no other choice in the reality the world lives in and that is all there is reality to most people

I know there is a world in a dimension that crosses to us, to assist with this world and its challenges and that there are gifted individuals that are angels to connect so that right choices are evolved to fruition

Vanni and Mummy are these angels who connect and make it happen if we choose to believe and listen 

L.H 24/08/2017

Dearest Vanni,

 I am so glad and blessed to know you in my most critical current situation.  I am always very uplifted when you do your readings and healings.  Just listening to the tone of your voice and the words that are filled with blessings, gives me the peace to only know that everything will be fine.

The divine powers that you have is definitely a gift for you that you are generously sharing and caring for the people who reach out to you.  You have advised the true path of my life from past to present and to my nearest future.

Your honest and trusted words of wisdom embarks in my heart, mind and soul even after the call.  I truly appreciate not only your reading and healing sessions, but your consultation time as well. Your patience and the calmness in your word of encouragement gives me the inner peace. I believe that speaking with you definitely elevates my embedded deep routed grievances from my childhood.

Vaani, you are a beautiful person that you have so much more to give to the people out there like me who needs a friend like you :)

V. Subramaniam 27/07/2016

Just wanted to let you know, you were spot on with the changes at work. This has come to fruition with me moving departments with the team you mentioned and also my own business being set up. Thank you! I look forward to everything else falling into place xx

Jag Sandhu 13/06/2016

 I would like to write my true feelings about Sathia. I am gifted myself and on a journey with my spirituality. We get information for other people and I am directed strongly by my gut feeling for myself just like everyone else although I use that gut feeling as my true direction. The belief we have for ourselves is a hard one. We look for movement or clarity just like everyone else. I contacted Sathia and asked her for a reading. I sat back and listened to someone who had a good connection with spirit talking about my past, present and future. Sathia was calm but true to what she was being given and this is difficult for some people as sugar coating important messages can allude the situation. I listened to Sathia in complete silence and waited for everything she felt and heard from spirit to be said. She knew me, she understood me and she more than anything wanted to guide me with the love she felt for her work and the professional way she gives it to her client.She has a BIG GIFT!!! I have been in contact with Sathia for over 8 months now and I can truly say that if you want the truth, if you want guidance then talk to Sathia you will not be disappointed. I have just had a major operation. Sathia did her healing work for me and I went into the operation with a very positive feeling and felt so protected. My operation was going to be a difficult one to recover from initially as it was through my neck. From the time of recovery I have taken 2 paracetamol nothing else. I have seen the operation as necessary for a big clearance bodily and spiritually helped by Sathia. I have a long way to go but Im not scared or worrying the calmness is a gift. She checks up on my recovery and is there for me. Thank you my lovely Sathia for bringing your love and light into my life when needed to most. Xxx Val

Valerie Osgood 29/04/2016

Before my healing with Sathia, I was stuck in a rut for quite sometime and wasn't too sure when it came to making any decisions. During my healing with Sathia, I felt safe as if I was home again, and things became a lot clearer as I felt the balance coming back in again. Since the healing, I have been able to make clear concise decisions and have been able to move forward with projects which were stagnant for quiet sometime. I am feeling great since the healing and more balanced too. I would highly recommend getting a reading and healing done from Sathia, she is the best I have come across. Thank you so much for the healing Sathia xx

Jag Sandhu - 14/04/2016

I would like to thank you for doing my reading and healing session, I was not in a good place and sort of at a crossroad in my life. Thanks to you now I can see things much clearer and have more direction in where I am heading. I am so much more calmer and deal with confrontation amongst other things a lot differently. During my reading I was amazed at how accurate you were regarding past/present within my life. As for my healing what an amazing feeling that was. If anyone is interested in having either of these done I would highly recommend you to anybody who asks. Thankyou again.

Jenn Wessell - 30/03/2016

I spoke to Sathia and she gave a prediction that a week after my birthday someone that stopped talking to me a year ago would contact me via a message. My birthday was 13th Sept. Sounded unlikely but she said with confidence and said she knows I will call her again and say "you were right". Well 7 days after my birthday I got the message from this person and I did ring her to say she was right haha. WOW WOW WOW Sathia, very clever, very good.

amlaee - 02/10/2015

It was wonderful speaking to Sathia, I have had previous readings with Sathia and they have been honest and with a lot of positive guidance and direction on the way forward for success

Kate - 02/04/2016

Thank you dear Sathia for my incredible reading with you. You are not only such a lovely person, but the kindness and caring I felt coming through the channelling from Mother Goddess and Gabriel as well as the clarity, both regarding my internal path and development/ascension as well as psychically regarding the original situation I called about and others thereafter that came about on the call, was phenomenal. I really appreciate it. Wishing you all so much love and goodness xxx

Serena - 07/03/2016

Thank you Vaani, amazingly gifted, provided me with dates when things will happen and they have, true psychic. Love and light always

Anon - 19/09/2015

Compassionate, kind and sensitive..Connected quickly. Would definitely recommend :)

jojonadj - 24/01/2016

Excellent reading! She was able to pick up on things about me without me saying much .. Super cool and refreshing.

Anon - 23/01/2016

Sathia, gave a wonderful healing reading. Everything she said resonated with my inner knowing . She connects and channels spirit and I know everything she says comes from truth. She also painted my future in a way that gives hope and happiness.Thank you

Barbara - 19/11/2015

Had a reading with this lovely lady. She picked up straight away with all that was going on. Accurate and on target. Sathia spoke with compassion and grace. She possesses a knowledge and uses it for a higher purpose. I am so happy I called her, as it was a whim...felt drawn to her energy. She will help you. I have no doubt. Just wonderful. Many blessing to you from London...Be well, and continue to share your gifts Sathia...X

Linda Lee - 12/11/2015

Sathia is a lovely reader and is very concise in her predictions, thanks Sathia I will let you know how things pan out for me.

Anon - 22/07/2015