2022 onwards Testimonials


Sathia is someone who I now look to as a personal coach for life. She is always steering me in the right direction, and isn’t afraid to give me a perspective even if she knows I won’t like it. Post sessions with her - I find an inner peace. I honestly can’t put into words how much her guidance and advice has helped me over the last three years.

Stephanie Goveas 23/07/2023

Sathia possesses an extraordinary ability to intuitively understand my deepest concerns without me uttering a word. She has helped me rediscover my true self and navigate the challenges in my marriage. She has been my saviour during my darkest moments. Sathia worked both on my husband and me and helped us transform our equation into something beautiful. I have never been happier in my life. She is nothing short of a godsend. I am grateful and blessed to have Sathia’s presence and highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their relationships and find true joy. Katie :) 29th June 2023 ❤️🌈

Vanni, thank you for the light being that you are, brought to Mother Earth to help and teach those of us who seek growth and find meaning in our deepest purpose. The divine guidance that you bring and your supportive reminders to raise our vibes provide the grounding foundation and understanding that helps me along the path towards finding my truest self.

The energy that surrounds you and that you share in all our sessions brings a harbour of calm, hope and the healing strength to feel that all will be well as we create our tomorrows. 

C.T 10/05/2023

In late 2022 I embarked on Sathia's 12 week Gold program, it has been exactly what it said it would be, transformational. I came to Sathia with a very clear goal and I knew that the work I had to put in would not be easy however, I knew, having worked with Sathia before, that I would be in great hands. I also had no idea how I would feel and quite what reaching my goal would mean and feel like to me. My inner world changed beyond recognition to me. Sathia challenged me. She showed me exactly where I wanted to go, and session after session, layer by layer I made my way toward exactly what I wanted. It’s tough at times, because you don’t necessarily connect with what Sathia gives you in the moment, whether that is fear or see-through-barriers which we’ve placed in our way along our life path but Sathia shifts them and as the time passes between sessions, Sathia continues to work on you and you reflect and energies shift, perspectives change, realisations happen, acceptance takes place and you connect with yourself on a higher level. I love working with Sathia. She’s a gentle force of nature with a pure heart and deep spiritual intuition that literally works if you’re willing to go where you’ve never been before. If you are wanting the very best for yourself, look no further than Sathia, you will be in the safest of hands as you both walk side by side to your desired destination. I’ve also learnt that we never truly reach the end, the perfect place, life challenges us continuously on varying degrees, so we should be prepared to keep looking inward and work on ourselves as we go. Sathia has given me my tools back, she’s given me freedom and I know I will work with her again because I want to reach all my life goals and she is a brilliant mentor. It’s been a truly happy and emotional journey to my current place of contentment.

Imogen Poole-Warren 24/2/2023

Sathia was jus meant to happen in my life.. she fit just right inside my life when I needed it the most. I still remember my first conversation with her and we connected instantly. Jus a few sessions with her I was amazed by how I was progressing both mentally and emotionally, healing from within and detoxing. Even without me having to tell her anything, she would exactly know my problems and start talking about it. I am truly blessed to have connected with her and I would highly recommend her❤️

Sruthi Santosh 26/8/2022


Our experience with Sathia and her work with us was an exceptionally unique and rewarding one. We are very grateful for having met her and for the opportunity to expand our mind to a realm of thinking and feeling beyond the norm. Thanks Sathia for all your healing, positive and well-being teachings. You certainly exceeded our expectations. Hugs and smiles from MaD Bakes x

M & D Bakes 6/7/2022

Working with Sathia has been a blessing! During our sessions together, Sathia has helped me to grow and work on myself in various aspects of my life. She guided me, steering me on the right path, thus assisting in, and providing me with the insight, wisdom, and opportunities to attain my overall goals. She gets to the root of each cause, not only guiding those clients to whom she is speaking with directly, but also intuitively guides those people around them, to ensure the most fruitful and positive outcomes and their longevity. As Sathia’s work is ongoing, she continues to check in, providing ongoing guidance when needed. You have such an amazing gift Sathia, thank you! xx

V.E 22/6/2022

Sathiavanni is just amazing!!! I have continued to work with sathiavanni on my path to a better me and I am always surprised when the work comes together and my goals have been attained one by one. I couldn’t be happier with the way things are working and falling into place for my life and a better me. Thankyou Sathia!

 Mel Greentree 4/6/2022

Sathiavanni is just amazing!!! I had personal issues that were deep seated at an individual level which was being projected into my relationships. Sathiavanni worked on both my partner and myself remotely that has made both of us more aware of what we each project onto each other and our relationship. Both of us have changed immensely and I am great full for the help and the advice to speak with her, I cannot recommend her enough! Thankyou Sathia for your help I would not be where I am without it.

 Mel Greentree 28/04/2022

Working with Sathia was truly a blessing! She was able to intuitively guide me and help my healing process during our time together, in a way that created amazing shifts for me personally and in my life. Sathia has a beautiful, nurturing calm & steady presence during sessions and is also able to still 'hold the mirror' up for you to see where you can continue to grow and step into the best version of yourself. Her intuition is spot on and I am so grateful for her support and willingness to ensure you get the most out of your journey with her. Thank you Sathia!

Chantal Chidiac 12/01/2022