May 2022 Planetary Dance

Posted By Sathiavanni  
09:00 AM
May Planetary Dance.
The past few months have been quite an intense planetary shift, and this month is no different; however, it will be deeper and more fierce.
It is another month of intense workouts for our minds, body and emotionsā€”more purging of people, places, and situations - old memories requiring a relook.
It is like taking a look at the suitcase of your life and time to sort out what stays and what goes - lovingly sort through this 🙂
Some tips for managing the energies:
*Stay grounded - walk barefoot on the grass or sit and breathe. Allow Mother Earth to drain out any fears and recharge you
*Stay Calm
*Do activities that quieten the mind so that you can listen to your heart and allow your heart to be your guide.
*Avoid arguments
*Speak gently and lovingly to others, especially yourself - as we can all be our worst critics.
*Whatever exercises you do to help you move your body to release old energies will do you good.
*Cry and vent to the universe or talk to a good friend, counsellor, or healer - release old traumas.
*Re-evaluate current projects
*Declutter the home and a workspace of anything no longer needed.
*Everyday be grateful for the blessings you have and the new gifts the universe wants to shower you with
Mother Earth has been transforming and shifting to a new higher frequency vibration.
So all these intensities are being facilitated to help us transform from the old ways and bring out the new us. So that we can flow and grow in harmony with mother earth.
Let us breathe and smile through this.
Much Love
~Sathiavanni šŸ¤🕉🙏📿
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