May 2022 Planetary Dance

Posted By Sathiavanni,
11/05/2022 09:00 AM
May Planetary Dance.   The past few months have been quite an intense planetary shift, and this month is no different; however, it will be deeper and more fierce. ...

Easter 2022

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15/04/2022 05:13 AM

Tamil New Year 2022

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14/04/2022 04:00 AM

New Moon In Aries April 2022

Posted By Sathiavanni,
30/03/2022 06:06 AM

The Grace Of Patience

Posted By Sathiavanni,
24/03/2022 14:02 PM
One of the toughest grace to master is the art of patience.   When we set goals for ourselves or even desire to have something tangible and substantial in our lives, as humans, it is customary to...

March 2022 Virgo Full Moon

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17/03/2022 06:39 AM


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13/03/2022 10:00 AM

Never Forget YOU

Posted By Sathiavanni,
18/02/2022 13:00 PM
Happy Friday & Weekend!..You embody all the colours of the rainbow, shining bright.Never forget YOU even when in service of the Divine and others.Give from your overflowing cup so that no one...

February 2022 Full Moon

Posted By Sathiavanni,
15/02/2022 14:00 PM
February Full Moon. We have the Snow Full Moon in the Northern Hemisphere on the 16th of Feb. On the17th, it's the Sturgeon Full Moon in the Southern Hemisphere. ...

Thaipusam 2022

Posted By Sathiavanni,
17/01/2022 07:00 AM

Happy Pongal 2022

Posted By Sathiavanni,
14/01/2022 07:00 AM
Pongal - Tamil Harvest Festival. . .   Celebrated over a few days. On the first day of the harvest festival in every home early in the morning, rice...

Look In The MIRROR

Posted By Sathiavanni,
11/01/2022 14:00 PM
Look In The MIRROR! What you have been searching for is looking right back at YOU! In every individual journey, at some point, we tend to lose the sense of who we are as individuals. We take on other...


Posted By Sathiavanni,
07/01/2022 15:00 PM
May the firey light inside you keep burning bright.   That it propels you to great heights of heart fulfilment that nourishes your mind, body and soul - your mindset is...

Merry Christmas 2021

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20/12/2021 10:00 AM


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06/12/2021 13:00 PM

Deepawali 2021

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04/11/2021 11:40 AM
Wishing you all a bright, safe, secure and happy New Beginnings as the festival of lights clears the path closing 2021 and bringing it the best 2022. AUM SHANTI ~Sathiavanni ...


Posted By Sathiavanni,
10/10/2021 06:40 AM

Power of Love + Power of Forgiveness

Posted By Sathiavanni,
14/09/2021 14:10 PM
Power of pure LOVE. . . . Then there is the power of authentic, pure FORGIVENESS. What sublime yet mighty powerful combination! It is very human to fall...

Retreat Instead Of Lockdown

Posted By Sathiavanni,
28/07/2021 15:06 PM
Retreat instead of Lockdown. Our choice of words in communication, inner thoughts, and actions can profoundly affect how we feel and understand our existence. The word...

Setting The Energy Tone For The Day

Posted By Sathiavanni,
01/07/2021 14:00 PM
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