Truth Shall Set You Free

Posted By Sathiavanni  
10:56 AM
Getting hurt, betrayed, misunderstood, or having a negative experience is part of life's journey.
As humans, we tend to point blame as it seems more manageable that way. Most of the time, the blame stance comes from an emotional viewpoint rather than logic - and without fully knowing that one or few negative experiences become one's mental and emotional prison.
Making errors of judgement is what facilitates the path of growth and gaining wisdom.
Taking ownership and accountability for one's misjudgement of any situation can be one of the most challenging.
Taking responsibility and accountability, however cathartic, is liberating and rewarding as, by doing so, we learn more about our strength of character and how we perceive ourselves.
Being grateful for " The Good, The Bad, The Ugly " and acknowledging and seeing all the individuals and situations that caused the negative experiences as our teachers is what truly helps shift from the energy blocks and allow us to live freely.
We can honour our earthly bodies and show respect by releasing all forms of traumas and manifested diseases, levelling up onto a higher energy frequency aligning to all the positive abundance and blessings that are our birthright.
Truth Shall Set You Free.
As that's what Truth does - being truthful to ourselves first and forgiving ourselves liberates our soul that lives in the earthly body chosen to experience life.
Much Love
AUM Shanti ( Peace )
~Sathiavanni 🕉️🤍🧘🏼‍♀️🌿🙏📿🤲🏼🕊️
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