New Moon in Gemini May 2022

Posted By Sathiavanni  
05:00 AM
Tap into Gemini's free-flowing, curious, and adventurous energies during this New Moon phase.
Let us take advantage of these renewed and rebirthed, regenerated cosmic energies that are now playing a significant role for all of us to take charge and move forward.
What can only be described as the most turbulent couple of months of an intense power play by the cosmos, we can now fully breathe.
The new moon earlier in May, lunar eclipse, full moon mid-month, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn play critical roles in pushing us to become our best potential.
We always have to remind ourselves that fear is just an illusion and that when we believe in the core of our beings, we are limitless, then anything we wish to achieve that is for our highest good happens with ease.
As part of our growth, our challenges get managed in balanced and holistic ways.
Go forth and conquer!
Let us carry ourselves with Dignity, Grace and Elegance as we achieve personal and professional truths and purpose.
Always with Gratitude!
Much Love
~Sathiavanni 🤍 🕉 🙏 📿