The Grace Of Patience

Posted By Sathiavanni  
14:02 PM

One of the toughest grace to master is the art of patience.


When we set goals for ourselves or even desire to have something tangible and substantial in our lives, as humans, it is customary to want everything to happen now.


We have control over some things, and we can take action to achieve; however, there are some things that we must surrender to the Universe to bring to fruition.


Some tips that help us master the grace of patience;

  • Meditation
  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Journalling our thoughts and emotions to release them from our minds.
  • Daily prayer/affirmations
  • Energy Healing


Seeing delays or holding patterns as a blessing in disguise is a great way of embracing our life's evolution.


Like baking a cake, your wishes, prayers, and desires are the ingredients. Once blended and placed in the oven, the Divine Universe is baking it for you to perfection at the right temperature and timing.


Miracles occur when you master the art of patience with trust and faith in yourself, your goals, desires, and most notably in the universal powers. You will learn more about yourself.


As the saying goes, " Have your cake and eat it too."

AUM Shanti