Retrain Your Mind

Posted By Sathiavanni  
14:00 PM

Words have the power to shape our lives and the world we live in. Let's face it: how many of us constantly ask or pray for abundance? Abundance of money, love, material wealth and the list goes on.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for it, as it's our right to live a comfortable, secure life here on this earth.

However, if our subconscious mind is still holding on to old, self-deprecating thoughts or not fully believing we are worthy of the life we want, those old strands of thought, which are just energy embedded in the psyche, continue to have more power.

If your body is still holding onto old trauma right through the cellular level, when you try to use positive words or affirmations, your body will tell you that it does not quite believe it. You can almost feel that you are telling your body a lie.

Using repetitive positive keywords to yourself daily would be a medicine to your mind. It won't like it to start with, but it will get used to it. Gently, the neuro pathways in your brain have no choice but to push out the old conditioning thought patterns. 

The cells in your body will start to react, deconstruct, and reconstruct, sending signals to the brain that tell you to change your diet, sleeping patterns, or exercise.

Effectively helps you shift, and naturally, you start making positive changes within yourself as your awareness of yourself and the world around you comes into a more explicit focus.

As the saying goes, you are what you believe, and so if you have long believed something is not possible or unreachable or attainable, you think it and stay ingrained.

However, the brain/mind is a powerful tool, and how we nurture it and help it daily only results in us creating and living healthier, balanced work/life lives.

If you want to tone your body or lose weight, you hit the gym or enrol in a fitness program; the same applies to your mind.

The brain is the machine; it's a muscle that can be worked. Our conscious and subconscious minds swim in thoughts; thoughts are just energies.

So, shifting the energies with the brain neuropathways helps us understand ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, triggers, cravings, and a myriad of behaviours.

By feeding our brain positive foods, we are giving ourselves a higher chance of creating healthier well-being and having a positive effect on our immediate relationships and connections around us.

We also become more aligned with our connection to the earth and the cosmos. Our intuitions and natural talents, be they creative or logic-based, problem-solving with ease, and our cognitive skills sharpened. 

The vastness of what we can achieve is extraordinary.

AUM Shanti (Peace)
~Sathiavanni 🕉️ 🤍 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🌿 🙏 📿 🤲🏼 🕊️