Cosmic Updates 2022

New Moon in Gemini May 2022

Posted By Sathiavanni,
30/05/2022 05:00 AM
Tap into Gemini's free-flowing, curious, and adventurous energies during this New Moon phase. Let us take advantage of these renewed and rebirthed, regenerated cosmic energies that...

May 2022 Planetary Dance

Posted By Sathiavanni,
11/05/2022 09:00 AM
May Planetary Dance.   The past few months have been quite an intense planetary shift, and this month is no different; however, it will be deeper and more fierce. ...

New Moon In Aries April 2022

Posted By Sathiavanni,
30/03/2022 06:06 AM

March 2022 Virgo Full Moon

Posted By Sathiavanni,
17/03/2022 06:39 AM

February 2022 Full Moon

Posted By Sathiavanni,
15/02/2022 14:00 PM
February Full Moon. We have the Snow Full Moon in the Northern Hemisphere on the 16th of Feb. On the17th, it's the Sturgeon Full Moon in the Southern Hemisphere. ...