Welcome! I am Sathiavanni, a natural-born psychic-clairvoyant, energy healer, and holistic life coach. I have spent years honing my innate abilities, which include Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Pranic Healing. 

I work as a conduit for Divine Feminine-Goddess energies and rely on pure channelling of guidance and counsel. I use these modalities as an Integrative Life Coach to offer specific goal-reaching Integrative Life Coaching Programs. In addition, separate Clairvoyant and Holistic Services are available if that is all you require. 

We all face unique challenges in life, and it can be difficult to navigate them alone. Whether it's relationship breakups, job loss, family issues, mental health, or chronic pain, these obstacles can impede our ability to live a fulfilling life.

As all my services are online via Zoom, you can, in the comfort of your home, receive insights into what lies ahead on your life path with understanding, compassion, and honesty. I can help you make the internal and external changes needed to achieve your desired outcome.

My goal is to guide you in energetic ways so that you can blossom and focus on what truly matters while aligning with your highest good. I will share insights into my healing journey during the remission period I underwent retreating to my family's healing land; the subsequent spiritual awakenings and ascensions I experienced enabled me to create positive changes in my life.

I will also share the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my South Indian heritage and the uses of Ayurvedic herbs, tonics, healing techniques, and disciplines, including Neuro-linguistic programming, which will benefit you healing from the inside and take control of your life.

With over 25 years of experience working in the corporate industry, 10 years in the holistic wellness industry and having faced life-altering near-death experiences and debilitating illnesses, I understand what it takes to overcome challenges and achieve one's goals. 

You can count on me to provide you with the best solutions to life's challenges.

AUM Shanti (Peace)

Warm Wishes & Good Health




Past tenure as a Spiritual Advisor-Counsellor :

Vanni for Psychic Today TV- UK Sky Channel 886. Other affiliations: Psychic TV Australia, Psychics Connect, Life Reader, The Circle, Absolute Soul Secrets, California Psychics and Crystal Clear Psychics. Past writing contributions for Lightworker Advocate Magazine, TV - Radio Broadcast for Enlightened Conversations with Michelle Lightworker &  Elephant Journal.