Navaratri 2020

Posted By Sathiavanni  
08:50 AM

Navaratri - Celebration of Mother Goddess Durga 

 17th - 25th October 2020

Goddess Saraswati - Wife of the creator Brahma

Goddess Lakshmi - Wife of the preserver Vishnu

Goddess Parvati - Wife of the destroyer Shiva

Divine Feminine Holy Trinity become ONE as Mother Goddess Durga.

Nava = 9 Ratri = Nights

SIGNIFICANCE: Celebrating the victory of God over evil

OBSERVANCE: Fasting and worshipping different forms of the Goddess for 9 days with festivities culminating into Vijayadashami. On the 9th day where Mother Goddess Durga rises from 9 days of meditation to vanquish all forms of evil and illnesses within humanity. It is a time to allow oneself to truly be freed from everything that no longer serves you and awaken the divine feminine power that is within every human being. The feminine power that has the innate ability to nurture, love and protect.