Power of Love + Power of Forgiveness

Posted By Sathiavanni  
14:10 PM
Power of pure LOVE.
Then there is the power of authentic, pure FORGIVENESS. What sublime yet mighty powerful combination!
It is very human to fall into the trap of a victim when an individual has faced so many challenges that were not of their control or instigation.
However, they can use those moments as their talisman to become the person they deserve to be for themselves. —a person whose character and demeanour is full of grace, dignity and elegance.
We cannot compare our sufferings, challenges in life; however, we can empathise, be the compassion and the light.
Grow in learning and understanding the human psyche of each person you choose to interact with or those that come into your lives to teach you and learn.
You will be surprised how much more awareness you cultivate and the internal and external positive transformations on your life journey.
Be victorious in pursuit of becoming the Gods and Goddess that is innate in all of us.
AUM Shanti ( Peace )
~ Sathiavaani 🙏 🕉 🧘🏼‍♀‍🤍 ☸ ☯ ☮