Winters End & Sacred Earth Mother - Message of Love and Job Well Done

Posted By Sathiavanni  
08:00 AM

Winters End & Sacred Earth Mother. These past few months have been truly intense in every way pushing all of us to look and go within to truly be purged of everything that is no longer serving our highest good. Those that have been brave to take the steps in doing many shadow work, be joyful as you have broken free of many karmic cycles and patterns of behaviours and thinking that has served its purpose. The message of love from the Divine Universe - Earth Mother is further validations for all the hard inner work done to truly embrace new beginnings that are taking place in all areas of your life. Continue the self-love, self-care and set healthy boundaries to ensure you energies are used wisely and sustainable. In the southern hemisphere we are coming to the end of winter and stepping out from the hibernation and with courage and hope look forward to spring which is just around the corner. Allow all the awakenings you have experienced truly guide you forward and continue to see any challengers or obstacles as an opportunity to rise above and conquer with smiles on your face and in your hearts.